Ursulaice - Mabinu
Uchiwally Feat. Jenny Leo - Show Me Shege
Ugo - Rain On Me
Ugo - Tonight
UNG MUSIC GROUP - #Bring Back Our Girls
Uti Feat. M Trill - Once In My Life
Uzi Feat. Dremo - Stamina
Uzikwendu - Hello Hello
Ursulaice - Tolotolo
Ursulaice - One Night
Ursulaice - Give It To U feat. Sim 19
Ursulaice - My Choice feat Dekunzy
Uchie/Kage/Gambito - Do What I Want
Ursulaice - Rugged 4 U Feat. Stonce
Ursulaice - Sweet Me Die
Ursulaice - Fire Burn Feat. Stormrex And Barbie
Ursulaice - Twor Down
U-Kaus - Go Down
U-Net - Wizkidin [FreeStyle]
Ubins - Asiko
Ucee Black - Grace
Ucee Black - Not Your Man
Uche - No be Today
Uchie - Save me
Uchie - Dancehall King
Uchie - Do it like this
Uchie - Livin a dream
Uchie African Rockster - Nigeria
Uchie - Nottin but a lie
Uchie African Rockstar Feat Dare - Show Love
Uchie African Rockstar Feat Ikechuwu - Show Love Rmx
Uchie African Rockstarr - Living My Dream
Uchie African Rockstarr - Song 4 My Country
Uchie African Rockstarr - Unique
Uchie - African Rock Star
Uchie African Rockster - Big Wan
Uchie African Rockster - Brighter Day
Uchie African Rockster - Feel This Everyday
Uchie African Rockster - Livin Ma Dream
Uchie African Rockster - Mama Shine
Uchie African Rockster - Nothing But A Lie
Uchie African Rockster - Party For Sad People
Uchie African Rockster - Radio
Uchie African Rockster - Saga Slide Show
Uchie African Rockster - Show Luv
Uchie African Rockster - This Way
Uchie African Rockster Feat. 2face - Style
Uchie African Rockster - Unique
Uchie African Rockster - Walk Away
Uchie Feat TuFace - Style
Uchie - Do it like this
Uchie - Senti
Uchiwally - Superstar (Remix)
Uchman - Head Up
Uchman Feat. Hakym (The Dream) - Party
Ufoma - Go Hard
Ufoma - Smile [E Go Better]
Ug Beatz - BorBorBor
Ugly - Swagga'zonto
Ugo Feat. Ice Prince - Walankolombo
Ugochi Azuike - Unfixable (It's Ok) (Micworx E-Mix)
Ukenn Cosmos - Elevate
Ultra - Badoo
Ultra Feat. Reminiisce - Ta Le Nu
Un Xexpected - Who Is She
Un Xexpected Feat. 2face - That's Why
Un Xexpected Feat. Blackface - Oh Oh World
Un Xexpected Feat.Faze - No Dulling
Unique Feat. Solid Star - Ada Arom
UrkelAce - Recovery Tale
UshQ Feat. P-Square - Monkey Dance
Uti Feat. Kenneth Okolie - Nuwa
Uti Brains Feat. Jilex - Oya wait.
Uzi - Holy Ghost
Uzi - Superman
Uzi Feat. Sound Sultan - Yago
Uzy One - Amen
Uzy one - No Need to Vex
Uzzy - Ready to Go
Uto Feat. Reminisce - Guy Like This
U Gems - Oh My Baby
U-Gem Feat. IcePrince - Oh My Baby (Remix)
U-Gems Feat. LMG - Rozay
Ucee Black - Egwu
Uhuru Feat. DJ Tira, Trademark & Mashabela - Saka Nana (Ashule)
Uhuru Feat. Wizkid - Duze
Uhuru Feat. Wizkid, Speedy & Donald - Ungowami
Urban Boys Feat. Timaya - Show Me Love
Urban Boyz Feat. Iyanya - Tayali
Urban Hype Feat. Sasha P - Leta
Uriel - Nwoke Oma
Utibrainz Feat. C4 - Sister Mary
Uzi Feat. Banky W -
Uzi Feat. Burna Boy - Demonstrate
Uzi - Oh Yeah
Uwagbaoto - I Want To Make Heaven
Uwagbaoto - Kulie Buwe Agha
Ugochi - Onyeoma
Ugochi - Oluwa Tete Gbami
UC Mirabel Feat. Psalmos - Ebube Dike
Uchechi Okechukwu - I Flourish
Unchained - City On A Hill
Unchained - More Than Enough
Uwakmfon - Thank You
Ugochi - Fall In Love
Ugochi - Who Heals
Ugochi - Now is The Time
Ugochi - The Glory of God
Ugochi - Possible God
Ugochi - Child of The Most High King
Ugochi - Gi Kam Ge Fe
UC Mirabel - Supreme One
Uchay Davis Feat. Oma - Imela
Universal Gospel Choir - Hlonolofatsa (Bless)
Uty Pius - Thank You Lord
Ufoma - Angel
Ugo and Debbie Feat. 2Face - Christmas Is Coming